I have spent much of my career creating art objects while simultaneously educating aspiring artists. This dual commitment has shaped both the content of my work, and the time available to focus on the act of making it.


There have been very satisfying periods of making art while at other times my painting has languished and drawing has provided the context for my creativity. Twenty years of art college administration ended in 2007 and since that time I have experienced a productive and exciting rebirth of my painting.


Much of my work draws on a modified version of the tradition of “automatic writing”. It is not referential, but rather a response to the moment. The drawings evolve one mark at a time, always in response to the previous marks. With The National Park Series, I have added modified images taken of national parks as part of the creation of the paintings. While painting, the use of color follows a similar process. The process for me is both spiritual and meditative; a means to be within myself.

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